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Chit Chat with Bhushan Gaur

Chit-Chat with Bhushan Gaur

Tell us about Your Childhood.

I grew up in defence environment at different cantonments across India. It was a wholesome learning being raised among kids and others who were coming from diverse backgrounds. Every third year my father was posted to a newer city in a different state and we moved along starting afresh. So the childhood passed very beautifully exploring our beautiful country and its cultures. We were raised up to respect all religions and races. I ended up learning several Indian languages. All of it equipped me in my story telling.

What inspired you to become a director?

The quest to learn more and share the experiences. Both my parents were very fond of literature and were excellent at narrating their experiences. I was very fortunate to be taught by really great teachers. After my schooling I got change to work abroad. The ten year long journey in advertising and further education in business was just adding up to the interesting stories in my mind. I started making ad films at a very young age and this work further reinforced that I have to tell the beautiful things that I have carefully observed.

Stories from the war fronts where my dad fought for India, stories in the books of Shiva Purana that my mother used to read for us, success and failures of hundreds of brand that I read while studying MBA or the stories of fellow passengers while travelling; everything suggested me to share the treasure. So film making became the outburst of whatever I longed to say to the world.

What are the challenges faced by a director to make such kind of research backed film? Also generally what challenges does a director face in the filmmaking process?

We still have a long way to go before meaningful and useful cinema is widely accepted. We are living in a hero worshiping era where quality of cinema is determined by the ticket sales. We have observed some tolerance to newer age cinema recently. When you have to make a film on a super sensitive topic, you can’t reveal too much because it is bound to affect someone’s existence. Challenges were of course there multidimensional but there were people willing to support too. From actors to production team to the corporates everybody supported me in the noble cause.

Filmmaking is a very comprehensive process involving numerous deliberations and meticulations. We jump into this field very well informed that we can either sink or rise like no one else.

Tell us about your film ‘There Will Be Tomorrow’.

It’s a film made with a lot of passion and it wants to make people hopeful of better future when they are faced with challenges.

Any special Incident or anything that led you to make this film?
Life has been full of challenges, I have seen difficult times times when I thought it can’t get worse. But life proved soon that the problem was very ordinary. I wanted a story to voice this.
I read a news article about an HIV patient who was able to have an uninfected baby of his own despite being HIV positive. I researched on this extensively and converted everything into a screenplay.

Except HIV awareness, what else can we expect from the film?
Interesting plots, powerful performances, real life inspired drama and a lot of positivity.

You are a Director, so there should be plenty of creativity in your mind but there has to be some kind of inspiration to all these creativity, if you don’t mind, tell us the source.

Creativity is always inspired by the happenings around you. If you have taste for arts you can pick up inspirations from very random things. I try to keep my sense organs open. I want to learn more and more before my body surrenders.

Tell us about your upcoming Projects.

I am working on two documentaries one of which is about smart cities and second one is about hepatitis B and C.  My team and I have started pre production of an English feature film which I am starting to shoot in November.

Any kind of advice would you like to give to the youth of this country to be safe from HIV or AIDS?
Please be informed of how one can get HIV. Its not just sexually transmitted. Get your blood tested every 4 months even if you do not have an actual symptom of HIV. If you are victim of this accident that can happen to anybody; take your near and dear one into confidence and take medical guidance. You are perfectly fine if you take proper treatment.

A message for those youth who are willing to come to this industry.

Be completely unafraid to tell stories innocently like a kid. An honest story spoken from heart always finds many hearts.


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