Dreams: Read between the lines?

Dreams: Read between the lines?

Dreams and reality; Some say that these terms are poles apart while some opine that these are merely two sides of the same coin. And among all these views the question of existence pops up. We have always wondered whether we are all alone in this universe. A lot of science fiction movies have been made on this topic where aliens have invaded the earth to wipe out the human race while some extra terrestrial beings have showed human emotions and became well wishers of the planet. The human mind can go to places that no one can even think of. That’s where I came up with some possibilities which will blow your mind. Now since we are talking about dreams, one person deserves special mention: Sigmund Freud.
Freud (1900, 1905) developed a topographic model of the mind, whereby he described the features of the mind’s structure and function. Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind. On the surface is consciousness, which consists of those thoughts that are the focus of our attention now, and this is seen as the tip of the iceberg. The preconscious consists of all which can be retrieved from memory. The third and most significant region is the unconscious. Here lie the processes that are the real cause of most behaviour. Like an iceberg, the most important part of the mind is the part you cannot see. And this part is supposed to be the reason for all the dreams we have. This made me think of the different dreams I had which I found severely uncanny and couldn’t come up with any kind of possible explanations. Have you guys noticed that the moment you wake up in the morning, everything you dreamt about the night before leaves your brain like a wisp of smoke? Now whatever I will be talking about, please don’t try to draw out any kind of scientific explanations because these are just those pieces of my subconscious mind splattered on paper. So, what if all we dream about are not simply figments of our imagination but that life which we lead in a parallel universe. In our dreams we can fly, we can do anything that remains in the corners of our hearts as the deepest desires. We even chalk out completely new entities, people we have never met. So maybe there can be high possibilities that these people belong to those lives that we lead in the parallel universe. And most importantly I’m sure you people can relate to the fact that some dreams are etched in our minds for a pretty long time so isn’t there a possibility that the life we think as reality is actually a dream and the dream which we forget is the ideal world, but we forget that world because it is so better that we might not be able to come back to the “reality”.
Sometimes weird thoughts occupy our minds and make us think about them for hours. What if we are just playthings for extra terrestrial beings and the crazy questions continue. So, it’s amazing to have completely irrational and crazy thoughts just to take a break from the monotony of logic and reason. Isn’t it?

Srimoyee Chowdhury


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