The Must Haves For This Puja!

The Must Haves For This Puja!

Finally those days have come once more when our mornings will no longer start with the humdrum thought of going to college, packing our bags and doing the thousand and one things which we don’t want to. Instead these five days will start with the chirpy cheerful thought of getting up early, dressing up and making our-self look lovely and hanging out with friends and family and most importantly spending it the way we like with ourselves or with our books and movies
For those fanatics who wait for these glorious five or four days and just can’t wait to hover over the puja pandals and savor over the delicious delicacies in this scorching heat, there are definitely certain MUST HAVES for them to protect themselves and remain composed as well.

The first suggestion for the early birds who just can’t wait to rush over all the puja pandals, for them its best to carry and adorn yourself wearing the light cotton kurtis and tops, not only have they become the latest fashion but it’s definitely comfortable and easy to carry, as well as extremely classy. For those who sweat a lot these stylish cotton kurtis will prevent your dress getting sticky and clingy. So for this puja a couple of cotton kurtis is a must have.

Along with that it’s extremely essential for us girls to apply some makeup at least to hide the blemishes, a kajal to highlight the eyes and a matte lipstick with some light foundation becomes not only a MUST HAVE but definitely a MUST DO as well. Applying these light makeups not only will prevent our face from looking dull, but will definitely enhance our good looks which we most definitely want.
These are few of the advices which I hopes comes handy for everyone, but before ending this blog one most important MUST HAVE is surely having tons and gazillion loads of fun. For this is the very essence of our life for which we wait the whole year, so for everyone out there have a very HAPPY PUJA!!!
Diya Ghoshal


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