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Welcome yourself to the fact that life will get more complicated as time goes on, there is eventually no escape from this harsh world, which is ready to grab us. Done it? Congrats to you, for you are one step ahead than the others when it comes to accepting the reality. But wait; are you really tired from accepting the harsh truth way too often? Do you want to go away from all this at least for some time and repose and be calm and relaxed? Well if you think of going into your childhood days this is definitely not possible. But one thing which is definitely possible is to free your mind from all the worries and yes you are thinking correctly and just meditate.
Wait a second, I know some of you in fact most of you might be asking where do I have the time to meditate after my tedious schedule, for obviously it is better to sleep and snore instead of sitting in a stiff position for hours. Well, for those nurturing and harboring this thought let me just tell you, that meditation is definitely not enduring pains upon one’s own self  to top all the others which we are already getting,  meditation focuses on freeing the mind from all this, it is the most necessary balm on our troubled lives.
But definitely we just can’t start like anything; we need to find a reason a well-reasoned reason that will give us the inspiration to meditate. What if I tell you, that baring the physical benefits that meditation gives, it also keeps us mentally on a stable position at a time when we often find others going nuts about it. Is it enough motivation? If not then will the fact that those who meditate on a regular basis not only maintains a calm stature but also seems to be living longer compared to those who don’t provide the boost.

 Well if this has provided the alma mater for your meditation, then the most immediate step for you is to sit on a calm and quiet place, close your eyes and breathe deeply for some seconds thinking “good in and bad out” after doing this for a couple of minutes and gaining some stature on your troubled mind, once you start to feel relaxed try to sit in the position of “VAIROCHANA” legs crossed, palms on top, shoulders balanced. The reason why this posture is important is for it is believed that when our body is straight the energy channels find better access in our body if that feels to painful then sit on any position in which you feel comfortable and start meditating
For starters who are too confused on what to meditate upon simply counting and concentrating on the inhale and exhale process is quite enough. But obviously those who are sure that once they will sit after a tired day they will definitely be quite lazy to concentrate elsewhere for them walking meditation is also helpful. Simply counting the steps or concentrating on how we land our foot as we take each step will also suffice
At the end of the day meditation definitely helps us to gain a deeper insight both in our body and mind, it is through this that most of our pains become endurable, and once we understand the reason why we are inflicted with pains in our life the whole process will definitely become worthwhile to experience. Therefore there will definitely come a time when we won’t get affected by pains anymore.
Diya Ghoshal


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