Food And Park Street : Best Places To Dine Out In Park Street

Food And Park Street : Best Places To Dine Out In Park Street

Park street is the heart of Kolkata. Its chic and fancy in it's own way.This place is like a paradise for every foodie and everyone who visits the city of joy must dine in here.Starting from early morning breakfast to late night dinner this place will suffice all your wantings as the best and most authentic restaurants are located here.So why wait? as soon as your account gets credited blurge out to this places as mentioned in our blog. So get set and burp !


This is one of the oldest restaurant in Kolkata. It's famous because of one particular dish namely the 'Chelo Kebab Platter' which you can't just miss out .I swear it will be love at first sight for all the foodies out there.

Pocket Pinch : 1000 for two.


The name might sound a bit filmy but the food and the ambience will change your perspective.The decor Will make you feel like loyalty and the food will keep you hooked up for the entire time . Try out their chicken steaks and thank us later.

Pocket Pinch : 1200 for two.


This place will serve you with the most authentic chinese ever.The food over here is so yum and light that it will instantly bring a smile on your face.The best thing is that liquior is also available here so that you can team up the spicy starters with your favourite beer.Relax out and have a gala time.

Pocket Pinch : 800-1000 for two.

This place is to be visited at the end of the month when you are a little tight on the budget.This is like a place to be seated for hours with old buddies to have a great evening over beer and good food.It is not so fancy like the other ones in the blog but still it will give a homely feel to help you loosen up after a hectic day.Do try out their soft and juicy Beef steak.

Pocket Pinch : 500-800 for two.


This heavenly restaurant is located at a distance of 10 minutes from park street.It is situated in the 9t h floor of a building opposite simpark mall and will give you the most picturesque view of our beloved Kolkata.The ideal destination for candle light dinner with your special one. Enjoy the smacking food with cool breeze and music .

Pocket Pinch : 1000-1500 for two.

By :Elisa Gupta


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